"A crisis can be defined as the moment in time when opportunity and tragedy are both present. Matt’s Hats simply focuses on the opportunity."
Matt Williams (Founder)
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How Hats Change Lives


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What is Matt's Hats.

  • July 2007


    At the age of nine, Matt Williams was diagnosed with a stage three brain tumor. Following surgery and radiation treatments, Matt began collecting hats as a way to hide his baldness. As his hat collection grew, Matt began thinking of ways to reach out to other children undergoing cancer treatments. It became his dream to collect 1000 hats and use them to raise money for childhood cancer research.

  • October 2007

    Treatment Completed

    After a whirlwind surgery and months of chemotherapy, Matt was discharged and no further cancer was found. Despite this, he maintained regular checkups for the next several years to monitor for recurrance.

  • 2012

    Giving Back

    Reflecting on his early life experiences during his High School years, Matt realized how much support and impact his community and outreach groups had on his experiences and wanted to give back to those going through similar struggles. Thus, Matt began Matt's Hats as a way to contribute financially to pediatric cancer research via donations and to the spirits of those struggling though cancer via Hats.

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