We’re new in town

Hey St. Louis…We are Matt’s Hats.

When Matthew Williams left his southern illinois home to attend college in St. Louis he didn’t know if Matt’s Hats would survive the trip.

Among the stresses of a new environment, varying course schedule and new homework challenges, Matt had all but made the choice to move on with life and leave Matt’s Hats behind.

However, as he began to tell stories of his past to newfound friends and peers, he found a desire among students and adults around him and his fire of inspiration was renewed.

Bringing a few select friends on board, Matt began to plan how he would best keep Matt’s Hats alive in the new area. Just then, Matt discovered the company Socially Present and decided how he was going to tell his story to the world.

We are a documented not-for-profit organization striving for growth, stories, ideas, hats and the desire to help kids in the hospital. We exist to inspire hope and success in the future of kids in the hospital.

Matt’s Hats was born in your city. Matt was treated in your hospital and helped by your people. We think there is no better place to grow than in the Lou, home of the Cardinals, Six Flags, Forest Park and a plethora of warm coffee houses.

Our hope is to expand our circle of friends here in St. Louis as an appreciation to all it has done for us.  We now sit in your coffee shops, we go to your stores and partner with your companies.

We want to be here with you and for you.